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Up the cable car to the Mesa de los Santos.

Up the cable car to the Mesa de los Santos.

Up the cable car to the Mesa de los Santos.
Tram: The Tram Chicamocha is one of the most visited attractions of the park. Chicamocha crosses the canyon starting from the park to the table Aratoca Saints.

Avestruz del parque. Parque de las avestruces: se pueden apreciar estas aves exóticas originarias de Africa, asi como sus huevos y crías.

Ostrich Park. Park ostriches: you can see exotic birds from Africa as well as their eggs and young.

'Tirolin is one of the biggest attractions in the park. Three cablevuelos in total. The first and oldest is located in the back of the park and can admire the canyon and the river chicamocha, is 450 m, the second is the cablevuelo viewpoint, is shorter but more giddiness and excitement and the last is the cablevuelo children.
Skating rink: ice rink is an ecological imported from Europe. Allows visitors to enjoy skating while the breathtaking scenery of the canyon.
Buggies track is a track for cars or small SUV car tandem known as buggies. The track has 1 Km checkered and difficult terrain that gives visitors a fun and unique adrenaline.
Jumping: device on which the person is suspended in a harness and bungee cords and then are thrown upward. Reaches 7 meters high. The adults and children can enjoy.

Santandereanidad Monument.

Park goats: goats particular species occurring in the area Chicamocha Canyon, is represented in which are gathered in the Parque de las CA bras, which are strategically organized in their pens, so that each visitor can appreciate or bottle-feed or carrot: whether children or adults, can get up close with nature and species of the region.

Pueblito Santandereano.
Mirador de 360°: se ubica en la parte alta del 
Santandereano Pueblito.
Mirador 360 °: is located in the upper part of the park, he can appreciate the majesty of the canyon from all angles with a breathtaking view.

Vista desde la estación del teleferico en el parque.

View from the cable car station in the park.

Pueblito Santandereano: the architecture of towns Santander adds a regionalist and in accordance with the conditions of the park.

Paragliding: paragliding fly over 1500 m high with site conditions, none. Must be scheduled in advance the flight can be made between 9 am and 12 noon.
Canoeing: performed in the river on Route Chicamocha is chosen as the final destination park.

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